About Us

Color Me Israel is a business that started way back in 2007 after my first born son was 6 months old. I bought some cheap tie-dye and proceeded to dye all of his clothing, accessories and everything else in the house. From that moment on I was tie-dyeing every moment I could and learning to fold patterns and trying out new ideas solely based on trial and error.

I created my own line of Tie-Dyed baby clothing and accessories and was always adding new items and ideas to my list of dyed treasures that I would sell. Back then with two little kids in the house, I would Tie-Dye in my bathtub and dye up to about 130 items in one batch.

Tie-dye workshops and events

Since 2014, I changed the business and started doing Tie-Dye workshops and events for groups of all ages and event sizes (sometimes over 100 people at a time!) across Israel. I would host events in the Golan for tour groups and also went to events like Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, schools and businesses. 

Tie-dye Kits

After Covid-19 upended my family and business, I embarked on a new journey that I had been talking about for 10 years – Tie-Dye Kits. With the experience I had in tie-dyeing for so many years, I was determined to create a product that actually had all of the safety checks and standards that a Tie-Dye kit with professional dye should have. I had seen so many kits on the market with substandard dyes and equipment, I was determined that my kits would stand-out as a symbol of professionalism. That’s when the name DIY Pro was born. Since releasing the new DIY Pro Kits, I created a safe and mess-free way for everyone to be able to tie-dye at home with professional dyes that won’t bleed in the wash, fade or look like “camp dye” after it comes out of the wash.

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