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Elisheva Ben Ze’ev – Owner/Mom

Hi! I’m Elisheva and I’m the owner of Color Me Israel. I have had a long lasting love of tie-dye my entire life and wanted to bring that joy to other people as well. All of my products are made by hand in the Golan and shipped out all over the world and my tie-dye workshops are not only professional but unique and always a fun experience for all ages.

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Color Me Israel brings the color to you! We can come to your group, business, school or event with everything needed to have an amazing workshop. You can also tie-dye with us in the beautiful Golan Heights while your group is touring the area or you and your family are visiting.

Custom Group Workshops on Zoom 

For larger groups and events like Bar/Bat mitzvahs, schools, businesses, camps, youth groups and kaytanot on a tight budget, we offer customized DIY-Pro workshops/Kits that we deliver straight to you! Included in your personal kit you will find everything you need to run a professional Tie-Dye workshop whenever you want and wherever you want remotely.

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